A Letter From Founder and CEO, Rene Harley App

Is it possible for the old style romance to resurface in today's urban and fast life? If so, then isn't it too scarce a case! Nowadays, relationships are a far fetched thing. Getting into relationships itself is difficult, and much for the silly reason, that’s work life, strange but true! Love demands commitment and we, undoubtedly suffer from commitment phobia.

This fast age running after fast money have turned humans into humanoids and in the technicality of this multifaceted progress, what actually is missing is the time to live and enjoy basic human attributes. Love relationships are one such sphere and of course, one of the most important ones.

People, nowadays, working in the corporate sectors, IT Farms, Business cabins, etc. get almost no time in searching for their life partner. The basic aspects of a human character have somehow become a wastage of time in today's age and I being someone from a small town could never adjust myself to these modern city values. I could never compromise on things like love, relationships, etc. Love relationships are more superficial nowadays - just give and take policy.

For me, the presence of a partner was very much necessary and this aspect of mine made me realize the sub-conscious pain these young aged working men and women around me faced on a daily basis. The inner void and extreme loneliness that was swallowing them slowly and slowly. This very urge made me make the Rene Harley Social Dating App, so as to make it much easier for the working hearts to find each other without much toil by infusing technology with emotion. This app is totally hassle-free and has a super easy interface. Privacy of each person is maintained strictly so that anyone can indulge in it without any stress.

Now physical meets aren't necessarily always. Choices are just a click away. You select your partner or reject him swiftly without much emotional stress. You decide to date the person of your choice once you have really gained each other's confidence through the chat application embedded in the app. In simpler words, you really know when you are actually ready and have made your mind to launch your emotions higher. All this may sound very technical, but in this ever growing race of time, this is nothing but the primal and the ultimate need of the hour.

Tony CaffieChief Executive Officer of Reneharely

About us

Imagine having an app where men approach the women of their dreams by themselves. The Rene Harley project is a dating platform where gentlemen make the first move!At Rene Harley, we make your potential love stories happen. Our mission is to provide you a platform to connect with new people, explore diverse experiences and infinite possibilities. Rene Harley operates on passion, chivalry,and inclusivity. We provide you an opportunity to Start Something Epic and New with the Rene Harley Dating App.

The Rene Harley App provides an interactive user interface with its super easy swipe technique! On filling up your preferences, we shall provide you a list of profile matches, which will be based on your preferences. And Voila! All you need to do now is to swipe right if you like a profile and swipe left if you wish to pass on.

To cut the chase and creepy texts, our app only allows your match to send a message to you. We have also provided a feature of connecting user’s Instagram and Spotify accounts so that you can never run out of topics to talk about. Stalk up your match’s profile and spread out your charm!

To provide users with intuitive user experience, we have developed premium features which include unlimited right swipes, for you to like as many as you want, and rewind a swipe, for when you commit little accidents! Rene Harley also attempts at boosting up your dating game with the Boost Profile feature and the Super Like feature. Register on the app to know more of our amazing features!

We at Rene Harley value your privacy and security. The app’s premium features include a control panel for you to hide your details, including your location and control who can connect with you. With these features, we provide a safe and secure user experience.

Download the app for free from App Store and Start Something Epic and New!

Our Advantages

  • Easy Registration Process.
  • User-friendly Interface.
  • Chat up!
  • Do a little background check.
  • Super Like Feature.
  • Unlimited opportunities.
  • Boost your Profile.
  • Keep your Privacy safe.